Assurance and Advisory

We know that businesses and investors expect more of their auditors than ever before. Our audit process is grounded on a rigorous understanding of each client, its industry and environment. Since clients such as you place your trust in us, we spare no effort to design and perform audit procedures to bring clarity to the organisation's financial health in the most timely manner. We demand consistency, objectivity plus accountability in our standards and aim to provide a full spectrum of services that will enhance the value that an audit adds to an organisation.

Looking beyond the traditional financial reporting function, we are also in an ideal position to identify major risks and opportunities in your business activities and strategies. With our in-depth knowledge in various industries, we are well-versed in providing you with value-added advisory services to complement our assurance offerings.

Our services include:

  1. Statutory and regulatory audit
  2. Internal audit
  3. Special audit
  4. Other non-statutory audit


Tax laws are constantly changing and dealing with the increasing complexity of tax laws and their financial impact is a major challenge. Our team of tax professionals can assist your business in managing tax compliance risk and provide the tax solutions that your business requires. We are also working towards keeping our clients updated of new opportunities and challenges to assist them in expanding their businesses and securing tax savings.

Our services include:

  1. Tax compliance services for corporate and individual
  2. Goods & Services Tax advice and compliance
  3. Tax advisory services

Corporate Secretarial

We are committed to providing professional corporate secretarial services to ensure effective compliance through our associate, CAL Business Consultants Pte Ltd. Clients are assured that our core values of integrity and passion driving professionalism extend throughout our network.

Services provided by CAL Business Consultants Pte. Ltd. include:

  1. Incorporation of company and other business entities
  2. Corporate secretarial service
  3. Maintenance of statutory record
  4. Preparation of financial statements in full XBRL or financial statements highlight
  5. Registered office address service
  6. Application for striking off a company and de-registration of branch, etc


Increasingly, organisations of every size are discovering that outsourcing their accounting and administrative function is financially viable and improves efficiency. It frees them from the high cost of maintenance, while ensuring timely information for decision-making and reporting. In addition, these organisations do not need to be concerned with staff turnover, career planning, training or absenteeism.

We offer a full range of outsourcing services depending on the needs of our client. We work closely with our clients and customized our solutions to the unique needs of each individual or business. In essence, we will assist with the day-to-day accounting or administrative work with high confidentiality maintained and provide timely as well as relevant advice while our client can focus on their business.

CAL Accounting Services Pte. Ltd., an associate of Pinnacle, specialises in providing a complete range of accounting and related services to fit any business need.

Services provided by CAL Accounting Services Pte. Ltd. include:

  1. Accounting service (Regular & Adhoc)
  2. Consolidation service
  3. Compilation of financial statements
  4. Goods & Services Tax filing service
  5. Immigration service (Employment pass)